Say Something

Recently I decided to cover the Justin Timberlake song, Say Something. The original is an incredible piece of songwriting, and I wanted to see if I could capture some of the same energy. Like my recent Johnny Cash cover, I learned a ton about production from working on this.

In the past I've always worked with music producers. For all three No More Kings albums, that producer was Neil DeGraide, who was also my writing partner for all that stuff. For Diamondhead that producer was my friend Bill Zappia. When I decided to tackle The Man Comes Around, it was the first time that I tried to produce myself. Similarly, when I approached doing this Justin Timberlake cover, I decided to produce it myself.

Just like the Johnny Cash cover ended up sparking an entire new album of songs from me, I have a strange feeling I might do more with this song as well. But only time can tell.