The Man Comes Around

A while ago, after seeing the movie Logan for the fourth time, I was moved to cover the Johnny Cash Song, The Man Comes Around. The song is featured in the ending credits of the movie, and it fit perfectly. There was this mournful post-apocalyptic vibe that I loved.

So I decided to record my own cover version of the song, and make a music video for it. The video was more of an excuse to fly my new drone in the desert. The production of the cover itself was a lot of fun, and I learned a great deal about production, something I usually left to Neil or Bill.

Not long after this, I decided to make a sample pack of some of the sounds I accumulated during the recording of my cover version. The sample pack is extremely simple. Mostly sounds of me hitting my acoustic guitar in various ways. But what came next was the fun part.

I decided to make my own song using only the samples I had made for my pack. The process was so fun, that I ended up writing and recording an entire album in the cinematic, post-apocalyptic vibe. I'm finishing up that album now, but it's tentatively called In Measured Hundredweight and Penny Pound.