Poured Painting

Recently I discovered a new painting technique that I immediately fell in love with. It's called poured painting. The idea is to mix acrylic paint with some kind of flow medium, Floetrol or Liquitex flow medium, to thin the paint out. Then using a variety of techniques you simply pour the paint onto the canvas, and tilt it around to get even coverage.

But the real fun happens when you add an oil to the mix. A few drops of silicone mixed into each color keeps them from fully blending with the other colors. It helps them start to form interesting cell patterns and swirls.

daspetey poured painting 02.png

I'm definitely in the early stages of my knowledge with this technique and I learn a lot with each new painting I do. But the process is fun and medidative, and I really love the results.

daspetey poured painting 03.png

You can see a little more of this in my newest Vlog.