the importance of changing location

today i reinforced some discoveries i made years ago about myself. if i am blocked on a project, it's a good idea to start something else. either a new project, or just a small unrelated creative activity. i think that's why i started making break glass lists. things to do in case of a creative emergency.

the other thing was the importance of changing location. i often have a problem of not feeling in the mood to work on something. sometimes grabbing my ipad and going to a burger place can help.

i think a lot of people buy into the myth of inspiration. and few know the truth of simply getting to work. when inspiration does strike, it can be very cool, and it's important to be able to act on it right away, with no barriers. but for the rest of the time, we simply have to work on something.

so these are the things i was reminded of today: the myth of inspiration. the importance of changing location and the benefits of starting something else.