I use music to tell stories.


My first solo album, called Diamondhead, was written on a recent trip to Hawaii.

And the flying boombox

The second studio album from No More Kings. Musically, Neil and I explored a bit more 70s funk on this album. Standout tracks included Critical Hit, and Cellphone.


I've been recording a quick mini-cover each day on the audio app, Anchor. I'm hoping to choose the best and do full versions of them on a cover album.

nmk iii

I've recorded three studio albums with my band, No More Kings. This is the third.

no more kings

Our first studio album, the self-titled No More Kings, contained the songs Sweep the Leg and Michael (Jump In), which in essence put us on the map.

patreon loopys

I have a subscription-based site over at Patreon.com where I post periodic silly loopy songs that you can help me make! Make suggestions or even record bits of audio and video that I'll use in the song!