My name is Pete Mitchell and I can't stop making stuff.  I make stuff because I'm compelled to.  I make stuff because I love stories.  I love hearing stories and I love telling them.  I make stuff because I love sharing.  I love seeing what other people make and I love showing people what I've made.  I make stuff because I can't not make stuff.

To me, there's little difference between art and music.  It's the story of who we are.  It's the story of what we see.  Sometimes I draw my stories, sometimes I sing them.

We tell stories as a way of connecting to each other; as a way of proving that we're not alone.  We were born to tell stories.  It's in our DNA.  I like to think it's why we're all here.
I tell stories because I like to.  But also, I think i tell stories because i have to.


The most sophisticated people I know - inside they are all children.
— Jim Henson

Who i've worked with

  • The Jim Henson Company
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • The Terry Fator Show at the Mirage
  • Wild Brain
  • Spark Unlimited
  • Westwood College